What Do We Offer?

We offer an array of services for your love ones. These services include transportation to and from our facility, nutritious meals, social activities, and activities of daily living. This facility carries a standing shower and a garden tub for a relaxing and therapeutic bath. Both options are avilable. We have a salon located within our building, so as to provide your love ones with hair styling and hair care treatments.

Nutritious Meals

We offer a choice of breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on the time of day and the service. Snacks are always included, along with hot beverages, such as; hot chocolate, coffee, or tea depending on your preference.


We offer showers to those who have challenges getting it done in their homes due to mobility or location of the shower. 

Individuals have the preference of either a shower or a hot bath .


Our Golden Aged individuals still need to stay beautiful, so hair care is provided.

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 Address:205 South Avenue, Ste 108

  Poughkeepsie NY 12601

Tel : 866-977-3246 or


Email : preciouskeepersllc@gmail.com