Precious Keepers Social Adult Daycare Offers a stimulating social environment While giving caregivers a break. 

Benefits for the participant include:

  • Safe, secure environment

  • Enjoyable and educational activities

  • Physical exercise

  • Engaging in social interaction which  can prevent or delay cognitive decline

  • Mental and social stimulation in the day which can improve the quality of sleep at night

  • Participation in activities may enhance or maintain a level of independence

  • Able to remain living at home longer by relieving caregiver fatigue and delaying escalation of dependence

  • Having control over activities you partake in which can improve self-esteem

  • Build new friendships and enjoy peer support

Benefits for the caregiver include:

  • Taking regular breaks from the demands of caregiving which can help to avoid burnout

  • Having time to recharge which can leave you feeling more energetic, focused, and reinvigorated about your role as a caregiver

  • Ability to continue working, attending school, or devote more time to other family members

  • Peace of mind that the loved one isn't home alone but is in a supervised and safe environment