Our Mission:

Precious Keepers Social Adult Daycare's mission is to provide our clients with a stimulating social environment that is  safe, secure, and nurturing. Our hope is to assist with the social, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of each of our clients. Our aim is to improve the quality of their lives through our services.

About Us:

Precious Keepers Social Adult Day Care is here to ease the pressure of caregivers by giving them a break from caring for their love ones. We assist with activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, transferring, and continence. After the age of 75, it is statistically proven that a majority of elderly individuals will begin to require long term care services. Social senior programs provide cognitive, social and physical support. Seniors are able to learn from and interact with their peers across the community. Our services are designed to help seniors achieve a high level of physical, mental, psychological and social wellbeing. Independence and optimal self-care are encouraged.

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